Suffocating in Smoothies

Over the holidays, Santa blessed me with a NutriBullet. Since then, I’ve set a goal of downing one smoothie a day- mainly because I’m a college student on the go who would typically rather gobble some coffee and toast and worry about nutritious food later. Then come dinner, all I want to eat is pasta and tomatoes, which isn’t exactly loading my system with all the vitamins it needs.

Through my expansive experience (all three days), I realized making a smoothie for breakfast isn’t as daunting as I anticipated and they’re quite filling thanks to oats and chia seeds. The recipes online (praise you, blogs like this and this) are surprisingly easy, most only call for four or five ingredients. The NutriBullet is an absolute monster and chops everything up in as long as it takes me to tuck in my shirt and lace my shoes. Also a plus for drinking in the morning? Most smoothies I make are high in sugar because of the fruit added. It’s a great, natural morning pick-me-up instead of coffee, but also, because it’s early in the day I have the chance to burn the sugar off. HOORAY!

Every now and again, I intend on posting about recent recipes I’ve tried or concocted via my own brain. I recently discovered you can calculate nutrition facts via MyFitnessPal which is probably going to save me because I always assume that anything with clean healthy food is healthy. I cry every time I think about how much fat is in guacamole. But it’s made with veggies, guys! Hopefully this will help me with my moderation and inspire me to create the most healthy morning smoothie recipe. Aside from that, this blog will mainly be stocked with posts required via my Online Journalism class. But I promise it won’t ever be boring!


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